Sabrina Couto UX/UI Designer

Who I am?

Hi, I’m Sabrina Couto, a UX/UI Designer based in Amsterdam.

Mobile APPs design, Web design and development, Branding, Infographics

How did I get here?

Since I was a kid I love fine arts. I was always painting and drawing and, that's why I went to drawing classes for a few years, so I chose a Fine Arts Bachelor when I had to decide the path of my career.

However, I had always clear that I didn't want to just draw the whole of my life, I wanted to add value and help people. So when I had to choose a degree I chose Graphic Design.

Sadly, I didn't get in the Graphic Design Degree at first, so I attended to a Professional Training course in Photography and now, it's one of my main hobbies.

After two years, I finished Photography and I entered in the Graphic Design Degree. I spent four years studying everything related to design, typography, branding, web design, editorial design, colour theory, projects management and I really loved it.

But the time went by and I finished my degree. I wasn't sure which field of Graphic Design choose to make a living because I liked several fields like Web Design, Branding, Infographics and Packaging. So in April, 2016 I started to work as a freelance to figure out what is my passion. At the beginning I started doing all kind of projects, from branding to web design, posters and even brochures.

As time went by I realized that the projects that I enjoyed the most were those related to interface design and user experience. So now, I´m working as a UX/UI designer in a fast-growing start-up and I´m loving it.

I love studying. Not only to learn new things, but also to be up-to-date to the last trends and technologies. Currently, I'm doing courses on International Design Foundation and also in other free platforms like EDX and Udemy.

You can follow me on Twitter where I share my thoughts on design and resources and also on Linkedin where I share my most professional side. If you want to know me more personally, follow me on Instagram.

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